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Cervelo Bikes Guide

Cervélo has been building innovative road bikes since 1995 and their technology has only gotten better since. No matter what type of road cyclist you are, our Cervélo bikes buyer's guide will help you find the right model to fit your lifestyle.

Cervélo Road and Gravel Bikes

If you're a rider looking for over-engineered performance road and gravel bikes, you'll find what you're looking for among Cervélo's selection. Whether you're needing a new bike to tackle the most daunting ascents or the liveliest gravel paths, learn more about the Cervélo models we have in stock.

Cervelo Aspero Bike

Cervélo Áspero

Built for: winning gravel races

Dual wheel size compatibility

Tire clearance: 700x42 or 650x49

Adjustable fork trail

The Áspero represents the frontier of a new kind of gravel machine. One that is engineered to take down finish lines and PRs on gravel trails, instead of just roaming them. This bike is ideal for the rider who loves the exploration of gravel grinding but has a hunger to ride fast and top podiums. The Áspero is designed with stiffness for speed, but also features a Trail Mixer on the fork to adjust to the trail and provide balanced handling.

Cervélo Áspero-5

Their latest version, the Áspero-5, is designed to be lighter and faster than the original Áspero and with a few extra details like inner-cable housing and a carbon seat post that take it a notch above. Built with disc brakes, high-quality components, and the ability to fit both 700x42 and 650x49 tires, the Cervélo Áspero and Áspero-5 are top-notch gravel bikes. 

Cervelo Caledonia Bike

Cervélo Caledonia

Built for: epic endurance rides

Vibration dampening components

Tire clearance: 700x34mm

Fender compatible

The Caledonia exists to defy being placed in a box but the best we can describe it is a high-performance tour bike. It is built with the purpose of being a balance of durable, lightweight, and aerodynamic without compromise on the performance demands of a race bike. Cervélo designed the Calendonia with a removable front derailleur mount and integrated accessory mounts for personal customization and to meet the requirements long rides require.


The updated version of the Caledonia, the Calendonia-5, is engineered to be very similar to its predecessor with a little extra tuning based on collaboration with World Tour cyclists. They increased the rear center, and lengthened the trail to give the bike snappier yet stable handling. This version of the Caledonia is built for the modern rider who loves long rides, high pace, and no limits placed on them by their road bike.

Cervelo R5 Bikes

Cervélo R5

Built for: winning speed in the hills

Fastest road climber and descender

Internal cable routing

Scary lightweight

Cervélo engineered the R5 to excel at one job, getting to the top of ascents really fast. But for racing, climbing bikes still need to handle descents with nimble handling and a prowess that helps riders top the podium, and that's just what the R5 does.

This bike has been retooled and updated 5 times, becoming a new climbing monster each time. The R5 race bike is light, aerodynamic, and designed with features like inner cable housing and top-notch components that matter to the dedicated cyclist. Perfect for any rider looking for the ride that's going to get them up the mountain faster than the rest of the peloton.

Cervelo S5 Bike

Cervélo S5

Built for: ultimate aerodynamics

Iconic V-Stem

Aero tubing and components

Tire clearance: 28mm

The Cervélo S5 is one of the fastest sprinting bikes in the peloton, but that's not the only good thing it has going. This road bike delivers on a comfortable ride, while also cutting through wind, featuring inner-cable housing, and offering a range of bar/stem/stack options to fit nearly every rider.

The S5's frame stiffness, tube shapes, and geometry combine to provide you with a bike that you could ride all day on, and yet respond to last-second acceleration you might need. Tracking in a straight line comes with ease on the S5 and yet it doesn't shy away from carving high-speed turns, so any rider who finds themselves onboard this aero beast will surely be having a good time.

Cervelo Soloist

Cervélo Soloist

Built for: day-in day-out riding

Lighter than the S5

More aero than the R5

Perfect for amateur racers and dedicated cyclists

You may remember the Cervélo Soloist as an elite race bike of yesteryear. In the early 2000s, the Soloist was one of the first road race models prioritizing aerodynamics and innovative tube shapes, resulting in a trophy cabinet that was the envy of the racing world. 

Now, the Soloist has been brought back to life as a do-it-all road bike that's approachable and optimized for amateur racers, group ride junkies, solo segment hunters, and cyclists who love speed.

It's a little lighter than the S5 and a little more aero than the R5, so it sits firmly in between the two and offers a ride quality that you'd expect from the crew at Cervélo.