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Kids' Bike Sizing Guide

Growth Spurts Happen. We Can Help.

At Black Mountain Bicycles, we believe that cyclist of all ages should enjoy a bike that is safe, lightweight, correctly sized, and fun to ride. Learn more about our kids' bike selection and all of the incredible features and benefits that come standard when you take home a kids' bike from Black Mountain Bicycles. 

Find the right bike for your child

Choose the Right Bike

When your child rides a bike that is too small or too large, it is both uncomfortable and unsafe. Our friendly, trained staff is here to help you select the size that fits your child, to make the necessary adjustments, and to ensure that you and your child love your new bike.

We have the best selection of kids' bikes

Why Shop with Us?

When you buy a bike from us, you're giving your child a quality product that’s lightweight, well-built and properly sized. Your young cyclist will love the new ride. And, you’ll feel great knowing that you’ve invested in a professionally-assembled kid's bike.

Stay safe with the right kids' helmet

Safety Comes First

Not only does your child's bike come professional assembled, but we offer a free 60 day tune-up, plus 1 year free safety adjustment to ensure it is rolling along the driveway and sidewalks properly. We also carry a great selection of kids' helmets, training wheels, bells to keep your little one safe while they are the go!

Balance Bike12" Wheel16" Wheel20" Wheel24" Wheel
AgeUp to 3 yrs2.5 - 4 yrs3 - 6 yrs5 - 8 yrs7 - 10 yrs
Height30" - 35"35" - 40"39" - 46"45" - 52"51" - 63"

BALANCE BIKES: Up to 3 Years Old / 30-35" Tall

12-Inch: 2 1/2 - 4 Years Old / 35-40" Tall

16-Inch: 3-6 Years Old / 39-46" Tall

20-Inch: 5-8 Years Old / 45-52" Tall

24-Inch: 7-10 Years Old / 51-63" Tall