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Riding Electric Bikes Around San Diego

To travel around the city and see its sights on the seat of an electric bike is not only fun, but it also is relatively easy and lets you travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time. Our guide to riding electric bikes around San Diego aims to help you navigate the city’s best places to cycle, the road safety laws applicable in the city, and where you might be able to find an e-bike that fits your purposes.

Where you can ride electric bikes in San Diego

There are a plethora of trails and routes in San Diego where riding an electric bike is not only the most fun option, but also where they excel at letting you extend your adventures while exerting less effort. Here are some of the best places to ride an e-bike in San Diego:

  • Mission Bay & Beaches
  • Pacific Beach
  • Vacation Isle
  • Mission Beach
  • Balboa Park To Old Town
  • Downtown and the Embarcadero
  • So Cal Riviera Tour
  • Bayshore Bikeway

Want to explore more places to ride an electric bike around San Diego? Check out our Local Rides page. 

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Finding the right e-bike for you

class 3 electric bike

At Black Mountain Bicycles, we have a wide selection of electric bikes including commuter, casual, road, and mountain e-bikes. Learn more about the e-bikes that we have for sale and which type of electric bike might fit your preferred riding style.

E-bike laws in San Diego

Riding electric bikes is the perfect way to explore San Diego and to do it safely, it’s best to know the rules and regulations the State of California has for e-cycling. The road safety laws for e-bikes typically differ by the type and class of electric bike you are riding and that is no different in San Diego.

Basic bicycle safety measures like a helmet and proper usage of roads and bike lanes should be abided by. Here are some of the basic laws to abide by when riding each class of e-bike:

Class 1

Laws For Class 1 Electric Bikes


Class 1 e-bikes are equipped with a motor that provides assistance when the rider is pedaling and up to 20 mph. The laws for this class of e-bike in San Diego are similar to those of a regular bicycle — no minimum age, can travel on any type of path, and only requires a helmet for those 17 and under, although helmets are always recommended.

Class 2

Laws For Class 2 Electric Bikes


Class 2 electric bicycles are typically outfitted with a throttle-propelled motor that may be used exclusively to power the bike and works up to 20 mph. This class has the same laws in San Diego as class 1 e-bikes, the only difference being the manner in which the motor on them is powered. Black Mountain Bicycles does not sell Class 2 e-bikes.

Class 3

Laws For Class 3 Electric Bikes

Class 3 is where the laws begin to differ as these electric bikes are typically more powerful and can assist you up to higher speeds (typically up to 28 mph). In California, Class 3 e-bikes require riders to be over the age of 16, helmets for riders of any age, and are restricted from riding on class 1 bike paths.

Electric Bike Safety in San Diego

Riding an electric bike around San Diego is a lot of fun, but don't forget to make sure you and your fellow riders are staying safe out on the roads or trails. 

The San Diego Bike Coalition put together this great video about proper e-bike safety precautions, so if you're interested, check out it out below!