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Specialized Road Bikes Guide

Specialized designs and engineers some of the top road bikes on the market and are always a favorite among cyclists, entry-level to experienced. This Specialized road bikes guide will help you better understand the road bike models they offer and how they might fit your preferred riding style. 

Specialized Sport/Performance Road Bikes

If you're looking to upgrade your ride to either chase podiums, keep up with your friends on weekend century rides, or to just launch into road cycling, Specialized sport road cycling models are optimized for high-performance and quality riding experiences.

Specialized Roubaix road bike

Specialized Roubaix

The Roubaix is the most prominent road bike by Specialized and a favorite among cyclists from professionals to weekend warriors. It is technically advanced and designed to be aero, light, and compliant. It''s a perfect road bike for men and women cyclists wanting their new ride to perform like a race bike, but ride like a compliant and comfortable touring bike. This bike is built to do it all on the tarmac.

Specialized Aethos road bike

Specialized Aethos

Specialized designed and engineered the Aethos for one purpose: to revolutionize cyclists'' riding experience. Without worrying about chasing podiums, the Aethos provides riders an unparalleled stiffness-to-weight ratio, telepathic handling, and an ultralight frame. This bike model is perfect for anyone wanting a modern road bike that prioritizes a quality ride over all else.

Specialized Tarmac road bike

Specialized Tarmac

The Specialized Tarmac is the lightest racing bike you can buy and anything lighter isn''t legal in the peloton. Instead of having to choose bike that excels at climbing steep ascents and one that is aero, the Tarmac breaks that barrier. It''s perfect for cyclists wanting to push their performance and keep up with the best of the competition.

Specialized Allez road bike

Specialized Allez

The Allez fills the entry-level road bike spot for Specialized and yet it easily outperforms that designation. With an alloy frame and high-quality, mid-range components, a Specialized Allez is ideal for any cyclist wanting a quality road-cycling experience at an entry-level price. Excels as a weekend warrior, daily commuter, or even as your winter bike.

Specialized Gravel Bikes

Your key to unlocking the experiences and adventures of rough forest roads, gravel paths, bikepacking, and flowy singletrack is a Specialized gravel bike. Perfect for anyone wanting a little more versatility and adventure from their bike.

Specialized Diverge gravel bike

Specialized Diverge

Specialized has engineered one of the most capable gravel bikes in the Diverge and with speed, control, and confidence on any terrain, any cyclist wanting to venture into gravel cycling will not be let down by the Diverge gravel bike. Whether you are an experienced gravel enthusiast or someone looking for their first gravel bike, the Diverge handles it all with ease and no limits.

Specialized Electric Road Bikes

The best way to laugh in the face of headwinds and steep ascents is with a Specialized electric road bike. These e-road bikes are ideal for any road cyclist wanting a little boost and extra speed, without the added weight that normally comes with an electric bike.

Specialized Creo

The Creo electric road bike turns you into monster on any path you find yourself on and for good reason. It''s engineered with class-leading light frame, a 120-mile range, and an internal 480 Wh battery that can fully charge in just over 2.5 hours. With the ability to manage your battery and fine tune the bike''s power delivery from your smart phone, this Specialized electric bike is sure to turn heads on your weekend rides.

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Specialized Road Bike Size Chart

Here's some guidelines for choosing your bike size. Remember that these are a good place to start, but if you're close to two sizes we are happy to help you make sure you get a bike that fits great.

6'5 - 6'9"196 - 205cm64
6'2" - 6'5"188 - 196cm61
5'11" - 6'2"180 - 188cm58
5'9 - 6'0"175 - 180cm56
5'7" - 5'10"170 - 178cm54
5'4" - 5'7"163 - 170cm52
5'2" - 5'4"158 - 163cm50
5'0" - 5'4"152 - 163cm48
4'8" - 5'1"142 - 154cm44