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Specialized Mountain Bikes Guide

Specialized mountain bikes have been around since the beginning of the sport, and this iconic brand has continued to innovate every step of the way in order to stay on top of the competition. Read our Specialized mountain bikes guide and find out which model is perfect for your style of riding.

Specialized XC Mountain Bikes

From entry level models to the world’s fastest XC race bikes, Specialized makes something for everyone. Cross country mountain bikes are built to excel on trails where you’re just as likely to grind up a savage climb as you are to rip down the other side. While they’re not quite as capable as trail bikes on steep descents, XC bikes are usually better climbers and faster when pedaling.

Specialized Rockhopper

The Specialized Rockhopper is an entry level off-road model that’s great for riders looking to buy their first mountain bike and those on a budget. This hardtail is great for flowy singletrack and dirt roads, and will give you everything you need to hit the trails and improve your skills. With lots of size and wheel options, there’s a Rockhopper for everyone.

At a glance

  • Frame: hardtail, aluminum
  • Wheels: 29”, 27.5”, or 26” depending on model and size
  • Suspension: 80/90/100mm of front travel depending on size

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Specialized Chisel XC mountain bike

Specialized Chisel

The Specialized Chisel is a big step up from the Rockhopper and has plenty of upgrades that improve its overall capability on the trail. This hardtail 29er is the perfect choice for XC riders who ride demanding trails and newcomers to the sport who want a bike they can grow into as their skills improve. If you want an awesome cross country mountain bike but don’t need to splurge on a carbon frame, the Chisel is a great choice.

At a glance

  • Frame: hardtail, aluminum
  • Wheels: 29"
  • Suspension: 100mm fork (80mm on XS size)

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Specialized Epic XC Race bike

Specialized Epic

The Specialized Epic line is made for XC racers and riders who are looking for top tier cross country performance. Elite components, carbon frames, and dialed suspension makes the Epic line the perfect way to reach new limits. With both hardtail and full suspension models, you can choose the bike that best meets the demands of the trails you race.

At a glance

  • Frame: hardtail or full suspension, carbon
  • Wheels: 29"
  • Suspension: 100mm fork (Epic Hardtail), 100/100mm (Epic), 120/110mm (Epic EVO)

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Specialized Trail Bikes

Specialized trail bikes are all about ultimate capability when the going gets tough. These full suspension models have more travel than a XC bike so you can send it on more technical terrain. Specialized’s expertly-tuned suspension smoothes out the trail so you can ride faster and have more fun, no matter what you come up against.

Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bike

Specialized Stumpjumper

If you could only ever ride one mountain bike, the Specialized Stumpjumper would be a pretty good choice. You’ll love how it hits the sweet spot between pedaling efficiency and downhill shredability, and you won’t feel out-gunned no matter how big the climb or descent. It’s fast, fun, and super confidence inspiring, and you’ll want to ride it everywhere.

At a glance

  • Frame: full suspension, aluminum or carbon
  • Wheels: 29"
  • Suspension: 140/130mm (Stumpjumper), 160/150mm (Stumpjumper EVO)

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Specialized Enduro mountain bike

Specialized Enduro

The Specialized Enduro is a long travel trail destroyer that won’t bat an eye at white knuckle descents and huge drops. If you’re looking for ultimate confidence, control, and speed on the steepest of the steep, the Enduro line is perfect for you. Great for racing enduro courses or just getting extra rowdy.

At a glance

  • Frame: full suspension, carbon
  • Wheels: 29"
  • Suspension: 170/170mm

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Specialized Fuse mountain bike

Specialized Fuse

The Specialized Fuse is a downhill-oriented hardtail with longer and slacker geometry than XC hardtails like the Chisel and Epic. This versatile bike is right at home on chunky descents and technical uphills where the 130mm travel and wide tires really shine. If you love the simplicity of hardtails but still want to get rowdy on trails, you’ll love the Fuse.

At a glance

  • Frame: hardtail, aluminum
  • Wheels: 29” or 27.5+
  • Suspension: 130mm fork

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Specialized Electric Mountain Bikes

Specialized electric mountain bikes are perfect for riders who want to amplify their own pedaling power and find new limits out on the trails. If you want to ride more in less time, climb easier, and enjoy more fun downhills, these Specialized eMTBs will blow your mind.

Specialized Turbo Levo Electric mountain bike

Specialized Levo

The Specialized Levo is an electric mountain bike designed for all around trail-shredding goodness. It takes the sting out of climbs so you can enjoy every bit of the trail, and when you start heading down, the lively and responsive feel will make you forget you’re riding an e-bike. The long lasting battery and innovative motor combine to give you a super charged mountain bike that lets you do more on the trails.

At a glance

  • Frame: full suspension eMTB, aluminum or carbon
  • Wheels: 29"
  • Suspension: 160mm fork, 150mm shock

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Specialized Turbo Kenevo electric mountain bike

Specialized Kenevo

The Specialized Kenevo is a gravity-loving electric mountain bike that combines the downhill prowess of the Enduro with eMTB benefits that make climbing back up a breeze. Pointed up, the Kenevo offers plenty of assistance to fast forward up the climbs so that you’re fresh for the main course on the way down. With more travel and slacker geometry than the Levo, riders who live for the downhill will love the Kenevo.

At a glance

  • Frame: full suspension eMTB, aluminum or carbon
  • Wheels: 29” or 27.5”
  • Suspension: 170mm fork and shock

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Specialized Downhill Mountain Bikes

If you love the bike park and spend your time racing downhill or hitting big jumps, Specialized’s downhill bikes are the best way to step your game up. No trail is too chunky or steep for these models.

Specialized Demo downhill race bike

Specialized Demo

The Specialized Demo is a purebred downhill race bike that’s built to win the biggest competitions in the sport. This long travel mountain bike eats scary descents and huge jumps for breakfast, and is designed to smooth out the toughest, steepest trails so you can ride with speed and confidence on anything you’re brave enough to ride.

At a glance

  • Frame: full suspension, aluminum or carbon
  • Wheels: 29” or mullet (29” front + 27.5” rear)
  • Suspension: 200mm fork / 200mm shock

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Check out our full catalog of Specialized mountain bikes to look at all our great options.

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Specialized Mountain Bike Size Chart

Here's some guidelines for choosing your bike size. Remember that these are a good place to start, but if you're close to two sizes we are happy to help you make sure you get a bike that fits great.

6'2 - 6'8"
188 - 203cm
5'10" - 6'4"
178 - 193cm
5'8" - 6'2"
173cm - 188cm
5'5" - 5'11"
165 - 180cm
5'2" - 5'8"
157 - 173cm
4'11" - 5'3"
150 - 160cm