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Specialized Electric Bikes Buyer's Guide

Specialized have kept their mission to improve riders' lives alive with their full collection of electric bikes. They focus on innovating and building e-bikes that gives you the feeling of being on a regular bike, only faster. Read below to find the electric bike that fits you and your preferred riding style.

Specialized Electric Road Bikes

Headwinds and steep climbs pose no threat to the electric road bikes from Specialized. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a gravel grinder, Specialized offers a road e-bike that will fit you. Find the one for you below.

Specialized Creo road e-bike

Specialized Creo

The Specialized Creo is you, only faster. This electric road bike aims to flatten your climbs and let you cruise through the strongest of headwinds. It's built to be so light it doesn't feel like an e-bike, but with a performance that doubles your effort. The Creo features a range of 120 miles, assistance up to 28mph, and only a 2h35m charging time.

At a glance

  • Frame: aluminum or carbon, depending on model
  • Wheels: 700x28mm
  • Battery: 320-480Wh

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Specialized Electric Mountain Bikes

Specialized has built up a collection of electric mountain bikes that are designed to fuel your motivation to get out on trails of all shapes and sizes. Innovated to feature finely-tuned suspension and updated Brain Technology in Epic forks, these e-MTBs are perfect for anyone looking for a new ride for their all trail, XC, or downhill escapades.

Specialized Kenevo e-MTB

Specialized Kenevo

The Specialized Kenevo is one of the brand's most capable e-mountain bike to hit the trails. It is designed to provide a trail ride that features more control, momentum, and speed. The Kenevo features a long cockpit, slack head angle, and low center of gravity to maintain speed on the roughest of terrain. It sports the ultralight and powerful Specialized 2.1 motor, which amplifies your pedaling power between 2 and 4 times. Comes in regular and superlight (SL) models.

At a glance

  • Frame: full-suspension, carbon
  • Wheels: 29ers
  • Suspension: 170/170mm or 180/180mm Front/Rear depending on model

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Specialized Levo e-MTB

Specialized Levo

The Specialized Levo is designed to be the liveliest, most responsive full-power electric mountain bike to ever hit the trail. They threw the book at this bike to make it so nimble, most obvious is the mixed-wheel size design with a 29er in the front and a 27.5" wheel in the back. The Levo's geometry centers the rider on the bike, optimizing traction and cornering control. Comes in regular and superlight (SL) models.

At a glance

  • Frame: full-suspension, carbon or alloy depending on model
  • Wheels: 29" front wheel, 27.5" rear wheel
  • Suspension: 150mm rear, 160mm fork

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Specialized Tero e-bike

Specialized Tero

The Specialized Tero is a do-it-all electric bike that is just as comfortable hitting technical off-road trails as it is cruising around an urban street. It's mountain bike handling, maneuverability, and capability plays well on all types of terrain. Functionality was also a big focus in the Tero's design with an easy-to-use display, options to integrate LED lighting, fenders, and plenty of rack mounts.

At a glance

  • Frame: hardtail, aluminum or carbon depending on model
  • Wheels: 29x3.25"
  • Suspension: 110mm fork travel

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Specialized Electric Commuter Bikes

The electric commuter and active bikes by Specialized are ideal for a wide range of everyday activities, from rush hour commutes to running errands with the kids. These e-bikes are designed to feel like every other regular Specialized bikes, only faster. Find the e-commuter for you today.

Specialized Vado e-bike

Specialized Vado

The Specialized Vado is hard to pin down. It's versatile, fun, and also very functional. The Vado is the perfect bike that you can commute on, rock a workout with, and haul a good deal of cargo on. It can provide as much as 4x your pedaling power, with up to a 90 mile range. Comes in regular and superlight (SL) models.

At a glance

  • Frame: aluminum or carbon depending on model
  • Wheels: 650bx2.3
  • Battery: 320-710Wh

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Specialized Como e-bike

Specialized Como

The Specialized Como is about the closest you can get to flying on two wheels. It's built to give you a confident, smooth ride with up to 4x your pedaling power and up to 90 miles of range. The Como is also designed to haul up to 60lbs worth of goods on its built in rear rack, which also is compatible with child bike seats. Comes in regular and superlight (SL) models.

At a glance

  • Frame: E5 aluminum
  • Wheels: 650bx2.3"
  • Battery: 530-710Wh

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